Perfil-i, Philosophical Perspectives in Information

The general goal of the group is to promote the study of the classics of philosophy, humanities and social sciences — understood as texts from authors whose achievements remain relevant in the present, regardless of their origins —, investigating how can they contribute to the current debate about the broader issues related to information and knowledge, with an emphasis on the foundations, imbrications and implications derived from ethics, politics and the epistemologies of science, technology and innovation. This inquiry involves developing research projects, reading cycles and debates, in each research line and between both of them, that will result in research supervision, courses, seminars, publications and records in video and audio, towards education, communication and scientific dissemination.

Line 1 – Science, Technology and Innovation

Seek in philosophy, in the humanities and in the social sciences the bases to critically ground analyses about the ethical, political and epistemological dimensions of the ongoing scientific and technological innovations, particularly in the field of information.

Line 2 – Ethics, Politics and Epistemology

Map and analyze relevant intersections between the ethical, political and epistemological thought in the classics of philosophy, the humanities and social sciences. Understand the role that is performed by the meanings we attribute to the concept of information in this thinking and in its interfaces, on the epochs in which it will present itself as most relevant and especially nowadays.